Kidney Cancer Cure

Although cases of kidney cancer are much smaller than other cancers, it is fear and concern as difficult to treat, especially if reached serious levels.

Advanced kidney cancer is very difficult to treat and it does not respond to chemotherapy or hormonal therapy used to treat other cancers. Although we have a stronger medication, it gives severe side effects to the patient.

Worldwide, an estimated 40 to 50 percent of kidney cancer patients leading to death, despite treatment.

The use of other drugs such as interleukin- 2 and interferon even shrink tumors, but it causes serious side effects and only 10 to 20 percent of patients responded to the drug with the rate for 10 -month shelf-life extension.

Alternative treatment is also effective for the treatment of kidney cancer. There are several types of plants that are said to be able to treat kidney cancer, the Sabah Snake Grass (elephant’s trunk) and tree needles seven blades.

Seven blades or needles tree scientific name Pereskia Sacharosa / Saecnarosa is a tree found in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. Plant from the cactus family is probably the only cactus with real leaves. It is the most primitive type of cactus family. In fact it is a plant that is quite hardy and can adapt to virtually all climates except the tundra. Optimum conditions for growth are bright sunshine and tropical climate it is an easy plant to reproduce.

It has features that closely resembles partisan tree, the tree is also easily grown with cutover and prick method. It can also reproduce by seed. The leaves easily fall if exposed to dry conditions but also easy to grow again when sufficient water. There are 15-20 species pereskia mainly from South Africa, Central America and the West Indies. The stems are seven sharp pointed thorns stick, as it’s also called a needle seven blades. Crunchy leaves can be used as a side dish or salad.



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